Introducing our students' voice!


Learning a new language has never been easier. If you struggle learning a new language, PJ Link is definitely one of the best out there. Schedules are flexible, everyone is professional, yet very friendly. If I could, I’d be delighted to take another class. Thanks to PJ Link, I not only gained knowledge but also confidence!


Teachers in PJ Link are very kind, professional, and pretty/handsome.In terms of teaching, they do different kind of techniques for their students so that students will learn more as well as enjoying while studying because for me as a student studying nihongo is very hard. They do their best for the sake of their students. I appreciate their efforts and I’m so proud that I’m one of the student in PJ Link. All the people behind PJ Link are so kind, friendly, approachable and most especially very supportive for the dreams of each students. Thank you so much PJ Link for giving me an opportunity to reach my dream.


Studying japanese in PJ Link is very challenging, but also very rewarding. Teachers will give you tasks that are taxing, but once you get the hang of it, it makes your japanese better. Before, we had homeworks where we had to act as voice actors for a video. At first it was difficult; when the scene changes quickly I am not able to keep up and I stuttered a lot, but with lots of practice it helped me to be able to speak smoothly and quickly. Aside from the japanese lessons, PJ Link holds events related to japanese culture and traditions such as festivals so that students can be immersed in the culture as well. Last July we celebrated Japan’s Tanabata Festival. There we learned about the history of Tanabata, played japanese games, and experienced hanging handwritten wishes on a bamboo plant. These are only a few of what I have experienced which not only deepened my appreciation for the language but also the culture. If you want a holistic japanese education, I recommend PJ Link.


I have studied Japanese at PJ Link for around 7 months and the most impressive part of my study experience was that my teachers would always find creative ways to push me to do better in my studies. My teachers are well aware that only studying Japanese grammar patterns, vocabulary, and the dreaded Kanji would be downright boring and inefficient; thus they would use real world situations for us to remember concepts even quicker. As an example we were taught the following: When working for a Japanese company, ほうれんそう(hourensou) is very important. Translating that word to English literally means spinach; however, as an acronym it stands for 報告(houkoku), 連絡(renraku), and 相談(soudan), meaning report, contact, and discuss respectively. In PJ Link, students learn Japanese in a holistic manner. Japanese language is a matter of course, but within that learning comes Japanese customs and traditions that wouldn't be learned otherwise. If that is what one wishes, then I would highly recommend PJ Link.