We will introduce our students' voice!


The teachers in PJ Link are kind, interesting and they support the dreams of their students. Studying is enjoyable in PJ Link. Thanks to PJ Link, my dream of living and working as a caregiver in Japan will come true. Thank you very much.


I have had great support from teachers in learning Japanese language here. And their teaching way is very excellent. I highly recommend this language school.


It has been my pleasure to study with PJ Link nihongo class. Teachers/Sensei's are professionals and very fun to study with. They are very focus on how the student will learn the language, they teach by experience not only by textbook. I would highly really recommend this School to all my friends who want to study Japanese Language.


Nihongo teachers have a unique strategies in providing a good quality of teaching. The teachers are accommodative and friendly to each and every students they encountered.


Ever since I was a kid, I`ve always been really interested about Japan. The culture, the beautiful places, the delicious foods, the personality of Japanese people and their language amaze me so much! However after I went there and realized that there`s a big language barrier, I knew I needed professional help. That’s why I decided to take Japanese lesson in PJ Link Language Center. I`m really Happy with the learning environment here and with the progress I`ve made so far. The teachers make it very easy for their students to learn Japanese. They are very patient, understanding and very supportive. Classes are always fun! PJ Link teachers always encourage their students not just to study but also to be the better version of themselves. That’s why I`m very thankful that I found this school. I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to start learning Japanese language!


I have been studying at PJLink Language Center for about 6 months now, started at N5 level and I'm currently taking their N4 class and I think I became a lot better in Nihongo compared to 6 months ago when I can't even construct simple sentences or read hiragana, katakana and kanji! I also think that if I chose to study in a different school here in Manila, I wouldn't see this level of improvement in myself. PJLink's location is very convinient. The office itself too is comfortable. The staff/teachers are accommodating, friendly, and excellent at teaching and they really try to make the class anything but boring. Moreover, classes are highly affordable. Thanks to PJLink, I gained a strong foundation for learning the Japanese language.


My testimonial for pjlink is from the first day i started to go in your school is i felt very welcomed. Teachers are very cooperative and really want to push the student to learn very well in nihongo. The class are interactive and communicative. Pjlink teachers staff are very respectful to their students and they are willing to len a helping hand when students are in need, they are responsive to all communication tool. I strongly believe that pjlink is a perfect school for people who want to learn nihongo its affordable and you can learn alot. Come and join pjlink :) -kean